Manage Telemetry Data with Confidence

The cost and complexity of handling telemetry data are becoming increasingly unmanageable, causing organizations to face a fundamental challenge as the volume of data (metrics, events, logs, and traces) grows. Data’s continuous growth and dynamic nature cause DevOps and security teams to lose confidence in their data. This uncertainty about the content of telemetry data, concerns about its completeness, and worries about sending sensitive PII information in data streams reduce trust in the collected and distributed data.

In this white paper, you’ll:

> Learn how understanding your telemetry data can ensure trust in data distributed to multiple teams and analytics systems

> Explore various techniques using a telemetry pipeline to optimize data to manage volume and costs

> Learn how to route data to low-cost storage for retrieval when needed

> Learn how to confidently route the right data to the right place, detect and resolve incidents, and ensure data compliance