Unlocking the Full Vale of Telemetry Data: Overcoming Challenges and Streamlining Your Strategy

Growth of cloud computing and the preference for data-driven decision-making have led to a steady increase in investments in observability over the years. Telemetry data is becoming recognized as not only critical for maintaining a company’s infrastructure but also for aiding security and business teams in making informed decisions. In fact, according to Ventana Research, over half of organizations plan to increase their investment in observability technology through 2026 to accelerate the value generated from telemetry data.

However, just increasing investment in observability technology is not enough. To unlock the full potential of telemetry data, organizations must address growing data volume and complexity. Organizations must define winning strategies that can help them derive insights and get faster time to value while ensuring regulatory compliance. This can be challenging and overwhelming!

Don’t let these challenges hold you back. Tune into this session with Mezmo Sr. Director of Product Ashka Vakil, and Ventana Research VP & Research Director Matt Aslett as they dive into the strategies for maximizing your observability investments. They discuss and share best practices and considerations to make for defining a streamlined strategy for your telemetry data. 


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