How Observability Impacts SREs, Development and Security Teams

With a growing demand for digital services and proliferating environments across distributed teams, the need to collect and process observability data has never been greater.

More teams are increasingly relying on this data to do their jobs: SREs rely on observability data to ensure performant digital experiences, while Security engineers need telemetry data to detect and respond to threats, and Developers use it to troubleshoot and debug applications. It’s more important now for organizations to understand how users in different roles use observability data and what challenges they face while gaining access to it.

Ajay Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer at Mezmo, and John Campbell, Research Director at The Harris Poll, discuss their findings of how observability data impacts various groups across organizations. With these results, Ajay and John unpacks several key trends, including:

  • • How the proliferation of data is creating challenges across SRE, Development, and Security teams
  • • How they utilize that data to drive business outcomes
  • • What they look for in solutions that make that data more actionable

Get a better understanding of how SREs, developers, and security engineers use observability data, as well as strategies and solutions that can help overcome these challenges to empower them with the insights they need.


About the Speakers

Ajay Khanna is the Chief Marketing Officer at Mezmo and has 20+ years of experience in the enterprise software industry. He has a long track record of bringing new products to the market. Previously, he led marketing organizations as CMO of Explorium and Vice President Marketing at Reltio. His product and marketing expertise stems from various leadership roles at large public enterprise software companies including Veeva Systems, Oracle, KANA, Progress, and Amdocs.

John Campbell is a Research Director at the Harris Poll. With over 18 years of experience in marketing research he loves going deep with B2B and B2C audiences. He has a particular niche in working with technology brands. When John isn’t collecting insights, he’s in the garage working on his collection of cars and motorcycles. 


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