30% Discount for 6 Months



1. 30% discount for new Oak or HIPAA accounts created before November 15, 2021
2. Account must remain active and in good financial standing
3. The discount is not transferable
4. The discount applies to only the Oak or HIPAA pricing plans
5. The discount can not be applied or combined with any other promotions or discounts





Step 1.

Complete and submit the form on this page



Step 2.

Sign up for a new account or upgrade a Birch or Maple qualifying account* to an Oak or HIPAA plan



Step 3.

Select Oak or HIPAA and activate with a valid credit card before November 15, 2021



Step 4.

LogDNA will apply the discount and send an email confirmation

*Upgrade promotion available for Birch and Maple accounts with last invoice less than $50


Submit your application


Q: Do I have to pay for the 6 months upfront?
You will be billed monthly based on the data usage for your account or the monthly minimum.
Q: Does the 30% discount apply to the monthly minimum?
Yes, the 30% discount applies to the per GB rate and the monthly minimum. For example, the Oak plan per GB rate would decrease from $3.00 to $2.10, and the monthly minimum would decrease from $100 per month to $70 per month. 
Q: Can I pause my account?
You can pause the data flowing into your account, though to keep the discount you will need to pay the monthly minimums.
Q: What if I change my account to another plan before the end of the six months?
The discount only applies to the Oak and HIPAA plans. If you change your plan to Birch or Maple, the discount will end and can not be reapplied to the accounts.
Q: What if I cancel my account?
The discount will cancel at the same time as you cancel your account or downgrade to the free program. 
Q: Can I transfer my discount?
No, discounts are non-transferable.