What is an Observability Pipeline?

Observability data is mission-critical for businesses that want to give stellar customer experiences, remain secure and compliant, and mitigate risk. As data continues to proliferate, its demand is growing across various teams. This has made it increasingly difficult for organizations to meaningfully implement standards and tools that help control that data, and make it actionable for the various use cases it can support.

In this on-demand video, Sasikanth Vadlamudi, Senior Product Manager at Mezmo introduces the concept of an Observability Pipeline. By defining its key components, he explores how it helps you

- Simplify control and access with an open platform to centralize your data from any source, process/optimize in real-time, and route to multiple destinations.
- Improve actionability by leveraging real-time intelligence with data enrichment and correlation while still in motion, allowing teams to get the insights needed to make decisions faster.
- Accelerate time to value with a flexible solution that fulfills various observability use cases.

You will get a better understanding of how all of these components come together to better empower their teams across the organization with the data they need to drive faster decision-making, all while protecting against skyrocketing costs.


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