Taming Data Complexity

Demand is growing for observability data—especially for businesses that want to provide stellar customer experiences, remain secure and compliant, and mitigate risk. But as with adopting any new discipline or technology, embracing observability data should start with a planSTOP.

Observability data volume is exploding across digital services and environments. It can give a unique competitive advantage to organizations that seek to gain insights from it and use it to drive the most critical decisions. 

However, telemetry data is complicated and unavailable in most analysis tools. ITOps teams are tasked with effectively controlling this data and delivering it across teams to serve a range of use cases, from troubleshooting issues in development to responding quickly to security threats, and beyond.

So how do ITOps teams tame this complex problem? The answer is observability pipelines. 

Joshua Scott, Senior Product Manager at Mezmo, describes how observability pipelines help teams better control their telemetry data at scale. You’ll learn how it can achieve several outcomes, such as:

- Controlling large data volumes, ensuring that teams can derive insights they need
- Managing costs associated with storing data
- Making data more actionable by shaping it, so teams can cut down the time it takes to act on insights

This on-demand video will show how observability pipelines can accelerate efforts to use telemetry data as a competitive advantage.



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