Telemetry Data Profiling Offer

We're offering a unique initiative to help you understand your telemetry data and make recommendations for optimization
at no cost to you.

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What to Expect

Understanding your data gives you the power to streamline, optimize, and harness its full potential. Don't merely foot the bill for excess. With Mezmo, you can elevate your observability game.


To help you better understand and optimize your telemetry data, Mezmo experts will:

· Help you get started with a telemetry pipeline
· Provide a report with identified log and event patterns
· Make recommendations to optimize the data
· Design a remediation plan for cost reduction


Mezmo provides you with a data reduction estimate and data optimization strategy


Mezmo identifies repetitive or
redundant log patterns, chatty sources, the most significant log contributors by app, log type, host, and other factors.


Mezmo provides a data reduction estimate and optimization strategy to reduce costs and increase insights
using a simple 5-step process.


Mezmo will present a strategy using Telemetry Pipelines to deliver the right data in the proper format to your destination observability platforms.



Results You Can See


Screen Shot 2023-10-20 at 4.52.59 PM


Understand Clearly

Understanding your telemetry data is the first step to taking control. Mezmo shows you repetitive log patterns, chatty sources, and volume drivers.

· Profile your data and chart the results
· Identify low-value log and event data
· Aggregate by application, log type, host, and more


Mezmo will provide a profile and details to help you understand
your telemetry data.


Optimize, reduce costs, get business insights

Optimize with Ease

Reduce costs and increase insights by selectively filtering, routing, and transforming your telemetry data. Recipes help you optimize quickly based on common data profiles.

· Get recommended recipes
· Reduce costs
· Derive business insights

How to Get Started


Enterprises struggle with their telemetry data because of data overload and limited resources. Understanding your data is the first critical step to optimizing telemetry, which will help you control data volume, format data correctly, and properly route data to your observability tools. 


To get you on your way:

· Instructions to help you get started with your Welcome Pipeline
· A detailed data profile within a few days after your Welcome Pipeline is set up
· A one-hour session to share the Mezmo-generated report and recommendations


Helping power observability solutions for top brands:


IBM Cloud - Cloud@2x
Sysdig - Coud@2x
Artboard 116@2x
“Mezmo Observability Pipeline can help organizations improve their operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance customer experience by providing timely and actionable insights into their systems.”

G Santosh K., Custom Software Engineering Associate

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